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Produced by bees from the flowers of Manuka plants (Leptospermum spp), honey from this species can be traced back to 1822.
Discover the science behind Australian Manuka honey and the benefits derived from it.

What is Manuka honey?

Why was the Australian Manuka Honey Association formed?

Australian manuka honey association

Our Quality Standards

A dedicated team of Australian and international scientists and researchers have carried out detailed independent studies on Australian Manuka honey over many decades.

Modern science has enabled greater knowledge and understanding of the antibacterial activities and healing properties of Manuka honey. The progression of scientific and clinical research has been highly beneficial, as users of Manuka honey now have better insight and greater confidence in the strength and potency of Manuka honey products.

We believe in using only reliable, reproducible methods to directly indicate the quality of manuka honey, to inform consumers about the quality of the honey they are buying.

AMHA Members & Membership

The AMHA is a not-for-profit organisation created to protect and promote the Australian Manuka honey industry.

We represent the interests of Australian Manuka producers, packers and exporters on various marketing, legislation and administrative matters that affect our industry.

Several of the largest Australian honey producers and exporters are founding members of our organisation, and we invite any individuals with ties to the industry to join us.

Australian manuka honey association

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