The Science

Over the last decade, Australian universities have become leading research centres for Manuka honey.

Our mission statement is simple:

To protect and promote the global appeal and awareness of Manuka honey produced in Australia.

The Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) is the leading national body for the production and promotion of Manuka honey in Australia.

Formed by the leaders of the largest and most influential honey companies in Australia and supported by hundreds of beekeepers, the AMHA represents 180 years of Australian beekeeping practice and honey production.

Our Objectives are to:

Australian Manuka honey

Board of Directors

Ben McKee

Chief Operating Officer Hive & Wellness Australia

Paul Callander

Managing Director
ManukaLife Pty Ltd

Paul Kordic

Legal Principal
Strand Legal & Conveyancing

Rod Skellet

Chief Executive Officer
King Island Pure Pty Ltd

Lindsay Bourke

Australian Honey Products

Dr Peter Brooks

Senior Lecturer, Biological Chemistry
University of the Sunshine Coast

Danny Le Feuvre

Chief Executive Officer
Australian Honey Bee Industry Council

Tom Walters

New Zealand

Harvey Bell

New Zealand

Advisory Committee