Australian Manuka honey producers welcome NZ trademark win

Paul Callander, Chairman

Paul is the inaugural Chairman of the Australian Manuka Honey Association.  He and several other leaders of the largest and most influential honey companies in Australia recognised the need for a national, collective approach to counteract the trademark application emanating from some New Zealand producers, and to build the Australian Manuka industry.  After a meeting in Melbourne in September 2017, the Association was born.

Paul lives in Perth with his wife and two daughters and is integrally involved in the Manuka Honey industry through the company he co-founded in January 2015, ManukaLife Pty Ltd (

Paul became aware of the current and growing demand for Manuka honey and, together with his colleague, Tony Woods, embarked on establishing a significant Manuka honey presence in Western Australia.  Their vision extends beyond the production of Manuka honey to the establishment of apiary businesses, product manufacturing, plant breeding, intellectual property and research and development.

Paul is responsible for ManukaLife’s strategy and growth and has 25 years’ experience in building companies from start-up to large profitable listed entities.



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