Australian Manuka honey producers welcome NZ trademark win

University of the Shine Coast PhD student, Simon Williams appeared on the ABC’s Garden Australia program on 13 September.

Simon is undertaking a study of Australian Leptospermum species, and their potential for use as medicinal honey. Simon’s study is to collect samples from Australian leptospermum species to discover which of them contain these wonderful medicinal properties, as well as working with beekeepers to investigate the honey being produced from these plants.

Aside from being great garden plants, Simon has found that the Prickly Tea Tree (Leptospermum juniperinum), and particularly the Leptospermum speciosum have high readings of DHA in their nectar when sampled, meaning they are likely to have a high concentration of the favourable methylglyoxal when the honey is produced.

Watch the full episode on the ABC’s website.


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