Australian Manuka honey producers welcome NZ trademark win

Thanks to our Scientific Advisory Committee, the AMHA has achieved one of its major aims – to establish and maintain guidelines to certify Australian Manuka honey as true and authentic.   We have established a process so that jars of Australian Manuka displaying the AMHA Mark of Authenticity will have met strict, scientifically based criteria as proof of their authenticity.

Once certified as authentic, Australian Manuka honey producers and members will have the opportunity to display the Association’s Mark of Authenticity on their relevant products and related promotional material.

The guidelines have been published on the AMHA website here and will be circulated worldwide shortly.  They will be updated on an on-going basis as required to account for the increasing scientific research into the genuine benefits of Australian Manuka.

Our Mark of Authenticity will mean that businesses and consumers in Australia and internationally will have the confidence that the product is true Australian Manuka honey – providing confidence in every jar.

A list of Australasian testing laboratories will also be circulated soon.


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