AMHA Mark of Authenticity - Australian Manuka Honey Association


The Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) is the peak body responsible for ensuring that producers and packers of Australian Manuka products are producing Manuka honey that meets the quality expectations of consumers, based on a robust scientific standard.

With so much confusion on ratings and standards, AMHA have specifically created the Mark of Authenticity that enables consumers to have confidence that the Manuka honey contained in the jar displaying this mark is 100% Australian made, authentic Manuka honey.

To meet the AMHA standard, producers and packers must demonstrate that their batches of Australian Manuka meet the Criteria for Defining Australian Manuka Honey, developed by leading researchers including Dr Peter Brooks and Dr Nural Cokcetin.

The AMHA Mark of Authenticity means you know at a glance that the honey is 100% authentic, pure and natural Australian Manuka, produced by bees from the nectar of Leptospermum spp.  If you are looking for guidance on the specific therapeutic use of Manuka, we advise you to check with your pharmacist or health professional.  It should be noted that the Mark of Authenticity does not indicate the strength of the honey, which is shown by the MGO rating on the jar. To learn more about the different strengths and their applications, feel free to contact us.