Mark of Authenticity

The AMHA Mark of Authenticity signifies that the honey product has been tested and approved according to the Association’s Criteria for Defining Authentic Australian Manuka Honey.

  1. You must have a proven, existing Australian Manuka honey product available for sale in the marketplace. If you are a start-up or non-trading brand please contact the AMHA on
  2. In order to obtain pre-authorisation please:
    • Have your honey product tested by a reputable testing laboratory. For your convenience, we provide a list of approved laboratories but you do not have to use those laboratories. If using a laboratory other than one included in the approved laboratories list, please provide us with the laboratory’s details and we will forward them the relevant paperwork. If using USC or RTH, copies of their Laboratory’s Sample Submission Form can be found below.
    • Once the testing has been completed and approved, complete the Mark of Authenticity application form and upload copies of the requested documents.
  1. After successful processing of your application, you will be notified by email and, if approved, provided with details on purchasing a Mark of Authenticity Licence.
  2. Once the Licensing Fee has been paid (via the AMHA website), electronic copies of the Mark of Authenticity logo set will be provided to you.
  3. You will also receive a copy of the AMHA Website Content which should be added to your website. This standardised wording ensures a uniform and consistent message is broadcast to the public, summarising what the consumer can expect when they buy a product displaying the AMHA Mark of Authenticity. This web page can be hidden from public view on your website until you have officially launched. Information from the AMHA Website Content can be used in your own marketing material without modification, as long as sources are cited. Any modifications or alterations to the AMHA provided material must be checked and authorised by the AMHA before being made public. If you want to produce custom content, please provide a copy to the AMHA for vetting.
  4. Sighting of your labels, packaging and promotional materials displaying the Mark of Authenticity is required. These can be provided in a PNG or PDF format.
  5. For the addition of new products or use of the logo on marketing and promotional materials, outside the content pack, please contact us directly.
  6. The AMHA will periodically audit products in the marketplace and licensees’ websites to ensure compliance with the terms above.

Apply to use the Mark of Authenticity on your products