Find out more about how we advocate for the Australian Manuka honey industry and how to become an AMHA member.

The AMHA is a not-for-profit organisation created to protect and promote the Australian Manuka honey industry.

A primary aim of the AMHA is to oppose attempts to restrict international naming or market rights to use the word Manuka to describe the honey from the many Leptospermum species found in Australia. The Leptospermum plant group of over 80 species evolved in Australia, with the highest quality and best tasting Manuka emanating from Australia. AMHA is monitoring Trademark databases worldwide, developments in the New Zealand Manuka honey industry and any attempts to block Australian use of the words ‘Manuka Honey’.

The AMHA also provide a platform to grant authenticity to Australian produced Manuka, fostering the growth of our local Manuka honey industry worldwide. By becoming a member of AMHA, you can apply to utilise the AMHA Mark of Authenticity logo as a quality mark on your products that contain Australian Manuka honey. All products with the Mark have traceability through the supply chain and independent laboratory testing to ensure they meet our minimum quality standards.

Liquid Gold Strategic Partners

Liquid Gold members are acknowledged as key strategic partners of the Australian Manuka honey industry who work closely with and support the objectives of the AMHA.

Packer or Producer & Packer Members

Third Party Distributor Members

Level 2 Producer Members

D. Maloney

Level 1 Producer Members

Accompli Pty Ltd
King Island Pure Manuka - Tasmania
R. Webb
Trees and Bees Farms Pty Ltd
Wellbeeing Aus

Associate Members

AMHA Mark of Authenticity Licensees

The following members’ Manuka honey products are licensed to bear the AMHA Mark of Authenticity on their labels.

Membership Benefits

Industry & Government Representation

We provide a platform for businesses to be represented on legislative and administrative affairs affecting the industry.

Quality Trademark Use

Members can apply to utilise the AMHA quality mark on products to demonstrate the quality of their Australian produced Manuka products.

Research & News Bulletins

Stay up to date with Manuka honey research and efforts to secure the Australian Manuka honey industry’s future.

Industry & Government Representation

We provide a platform for businesses to be represented on legislative and administrative affairs affecting the industry.

Membership Criteria

Members can be individuals or organisations who are involved with the Australian Manuka Honey industry in any of the following capacities:

How to become a member

Submit your application form

Submit an application form at the below link choosing your appropriate member category. Your application will then be reviewed by the AHMA Board of Directors for acceptance or rejection based on your suitability to the membership criteria.

Approval & payment

If your application is successful, you will receive an email requesting you to login to the member portal to process your membership payment. Once your payment is received, your membership is confirmed and your 12 month membership commences.

Membership engagement

As an AHMA member, you will be able to vote on issues, nominate to be elected to the AMHA Board and apply for a license to utilise the AMHA Trademark on Australian Manuka honey products.

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