Membership & Licensing Subscriptions

Please note:

  • Current Memberships and Licenses will show as ticked under ‘Memberships’.
  • When adding a Mark of Authenticity to an existing membership, leave your membership ticked and simply add a ‘Mark of Authenticity’.
  • You will only be charged for ADDED selections and current memberships will remain on their original billing cycle. Unticking items will result in them being cancelled.

See the ‘Membership Selections‘ area below for CURRENT, ADDED and REMOVED subscriptions before checking out.

All membership fees are per annum and exclusive of 10% GST and will be automatically renewed each year unless otherwise advised.


You can only choose one level from this group.

Packer or Producer & Packer

$3,000.00 per Year.

Third Party Distributor

$1,800.00 per Year.

Level 2 Producer (401 or more hives)

$750.00 per Year.

Level 1 Producer (up to & including 400 hives)

$350.00 per Year.

Associate (neither a Packer or Producer)

$500.00 per Year.

Research Associate (graduate or post-graduate)