AMHA’s new Scientific Advisory Committee

It is with great pride that we announce three appointments to our newly created Scientific Advisory Committee.

Drs Peter Brooks, Shona Blair and Craig Davis join foundation AMHA Director, Dr Nural Cokcetin, in forming this specialist committee.  Nural, Peter, Shona and Craig are eminent scientists in the Manuka honey field, with outstanding global reputations.  We are extremely grateful to them for sharing their time, knowledge and expertise in furthering the AMHA’s objectives.

AMHA Board, Advisory Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Board MembersAdvisory CommitteeScientific Advisory Committee
Paul Callander, ManukaLife Pty Ltd
Joe Baini, Berringa
Nicholas Maiolo, Honey Australia
Nural Cokcetin, University of Technology, Sydney
Ben McKee, Capilano Honey Ltd
Paul Kordic, Cullen Macleod Lawyers
Nicola Charles, Blue Hills Honey
Andrew Robinson
Michael Howes, Australia’s Manuka
Peter McDonald, Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC)
Dr Nural Cokcetin, Research Fellow, ithree institute, UTS.
Dr Peter Brooks, Senior Lecturer, Biological Chemistry, USC.
Dr Shona Blair, Visiting Fellow, ithree institute, UTS.
Dr Craig Davis, Queensland Department of Primary Industry.



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